We would love to host your event. Our caterer is Italy Terrace at Capones.

  • Is this a casual meet and greet with light hors d oeuvres?
  • A short surprise party with snacks and cake, then off to the Bar?
  • Your guests will sit or mingle while they enjoy heavy hors d oeuvres?
  • Or everyone will sit and eat an entree. After a light starter?

We offer a wide selection of appetizers. Take a look at the Special Appetizers menu.

If you want to serve an entree, here is our Entree Menu.

We can accommodate 30+ people sitting for an entree and more if you are hosting a meet and greet style of event.

The cost of the room depends on the day of week, time of day, and how many people you are inviting.

Please get in touch and we will call you back to discuss the details. Let’s have a party!

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